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Sets of jewels
& ornamental combs RODA

Handcrafted ornamental combs and sets of jewels for the woman’s regional costume of “fallera”

Sets of jewels & ornamental combs ( is the web where you can purchase our exclusive products, goldsmiths’ on ornamental combs and sets of jewels for the woman’s regional costume of “fallera”.

peinetas y aderezos fallera

Peinetas Roda fallera aderezos Roda fallera Roda novedades orfebreria


Roda Goldsmith – Engraver

At Roda Goldsmiths we have inherited a style of work, forged by paying attention to original designs in order to make our pieces and by selecting and caring for the smallest details, all of which characterize our products.

All of these elements are combined and have been acquired thanks to the professor Fernando Roda Martí, from San Carlos School of Arts and Crafts of Valencia, who is the creator of this workshop of craftsmen and craftswomen founded in 1950.

Our workshop has created innumerable goldsmiths’ pieces. Many professionals and emblematic and renowned figures such as H.M. Queen Sofia of Spain, His Holiness John Paul II, the Duchess of Alba and a plethora of Ladies of Honour of “Fallas” (Valencia) and “Fogueres” (Alicante) festivals have worn some of our works.

However, if there is something that makes us special, that is our attention to detail on each of our pieces and on their finishing.

Working methods and techniques which have been instilled since the foundation of the workshop run today by the children of Fernando Roda Martí. In 1974, RODA was crowned the Overall Goldsmiths Champion of Spain in La Coruña.

At present we are specialized in making replicates of goldsmiths’ and jewellery from Valencia from the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. We firmly follow the designs and chiselling of this Baroque period, contributing with our expertise and knowledge after more than seventy years working for Valencia and its festival of “Fallas”.

Peinetas fallas fallera

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